8 quick tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

These quick tips are for any would-be entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business – or planning their next moves …

1. If you don’t take risks, you’ll regret it, so feel the fear & do it anyway

2. Not everyone has the perspective you do, so don’t be afraid to dream big

3. Sometimes when you dream, people conspire to help you

4. If you can visualise and project how you see your dream, then you can put things in place to make it a reality

How to use strategic partnerships to grow your business

A key strategy that will help you to build your business and grow is to develop strategic partnerships.

It is one I used time and again as was expanding my business, Retail Profile Europe, and it helped me expand into Russia and Germany.

I firmly believe that you never know where your next partner is going to come from, and networking can help you to build relationships which can lead to great partnerships.

Recently I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs at the Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator event about how I had four different strategic partnerships as I grew my business, and the benefits they brought.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, either about the benefits of strategic partnerships, negotiating skills, or how to grow your business, please just contact me to find out more.