Why use Kolbe rather than another psychometric?

What is Kolbe and why use it?

When it comes to recruiting, hiring, and training a team, many businesses use psychometric tools such as Myers Briggs and DISC profiling to gain insight into the psychological preferences of their potential and existing employees.

The method I have found most useful is the Kolbe A Index. Kolbe uses the conative method, which looks at what makes people tick and the instinct that drives individual and group behaviour.

EOS – People Analyser

Business owners and leaders adopt the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) when they want to overcome business challenges and successfully grow their company.

By following the EOS framework, you will be able to manage and plan for every obstacle in the way of your business success.

One of the key facets of EOS is hiring the right people and the positive impact this can have on your company’s ability to achieve its goals.

In order to achieve your vision, you have to recruit great people. Hiring the right team that embodies your values is essential.

To ensure this, you can use the EOS People Analyser, which will help you make the right hiring decisions each time.