The 4 Cs of networking


Hands up if you dread networking – or even the word “networking”?

Often people view it negatively because they don’t enjoy it. Others feel like they’ve been used by someone at a networking event.

For me, networking is something I really love. So I stopped to think, why do I love it and what do I do differently that makes it a positive experience for me?

I think a lot of it is down to attitude. I don’t regard networking as simply chatting to someone at an event, exchanging business cards and then never following up, or chatting to someone to use them.

When I attend an event, I always have a goal – to meet cool people and learn something new. For me, the best way is to work out how to connect and relate to people as individuals.

My top 5 productivity apps

1. Any.DO

Anydo Icon This is brilliant. No more scrappy notes, no more forgetting to do things, now I have it all in Any.DO.

It gives daily planning and to-do lists, which syncs with the cloud so it works on all your devices and integrates with emails, calendar and Google tasks. It gives you alerts when you are due to do something, will schedule meetings for you and make calls, text and email. You can share lists with friends and colleagues, it even has speech recognition and to clear tasks you just need to shake it.

2. Timer +

timer +This is a handy little timer app.

It lets you set multiple timers at once – by the second, minute and hour. It’s got seven different alarms and you can save, label and reuse different times.

I love baking, so I use it when I’m cooking, and I’ve also saved the timer for my yoga stretches so I don’t have to reset it every time.

The Power of Partnerships

Let me tell you a story. It’s about a chap called Tony.

I first met Tony in 2002.

He was one of a group of international businessmen I met when I was presenting my business and concept, Retail Profile.

There was a Spaniard from Spain, a Swede from Scandinavia and a German from Germany – all running different outdoor poster media companies across Europe. And then there was a New Yorker from Russia. And that was Tony.