GrowthAccelerator: helping your business to grow

This government backed service offers leadership and management training, and the opportunity for businesses to make new connections, find new routes to investment, and develop new ideas and strategies.

Businesses who use GrowthAccelerator grow four times faster than an average SME.

GrowthAccelerator offers matched funding of up to £2,000 for every senior manager involved in the strategic direction of the business, to undertake leadership and management training recommended for your business.

Some of my clients who are using me as a Professional Implementer for EOS have qualified for the GrowthAccelerator and are using the matched funding.

To be considered for GrowthAccelerator, a business must be registered in the UK and based in England, with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £40m.

You will need to invest:

Micro-business 1 – 4 employees £600*
Small business 5 – 49 employees £1,500*
Medium business 50 – 249 employees £3,000*

*You will also pay a flat rate of £700 VAT.

This entitles you to coaching sessions with a GrowthAccelerator coach and exclusive access of up to £2,000 match funding for leadership and management training.